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Brianna Kuzbyt, AuD

General Information

Brianna  Kuzbyt, AuD


  • Fax: 305-243-2009


  • Audiology


English, Spanish

Clinical Areas

 Vestibular diagnosis- Perform and interpret evaluations of dizziness and balance


Tinnitus evaluation and management- Perform and interpret tinnitus evaluations,

administer appropriate treatments (such as sound therapy, etc.), education of patient

on tinnitus, and counsel patients on appropriate tinnitus management strategies

Audiological diagnostic evaluation – Evaluation of the auditory system through air and

bone conduction audiometry, electrophysiological testing, and speech-in-noise


Hearing aids- Evaluate patients for candidacy for use of conventional and boneanchored

amplification, counseling and selection appropriate options, fitting and

verification of hearing aids, education on realistic expectation and aural rehabilitation,

and instruction on use and care of hearing aids.


  • Assistant Professor
  • Audiologist


2014 MD
Nova Southeastern University
2014 Residency
Boston Veterans Affairs
2009 BA
University of Florida

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